Chapter 4: When was the first-time wine spoke to you?

A wine born from and for experience.

When was the first time wine really spoke to you? The first time you looked back into the glass with a sense of astonishment and curiosity. What did that moment stir in you?

 “Amlés is the direct product of our life’s experiences. We have been lucky enough see our hard work progress past unimagined milestones and to now have the opportunity appreciate and share that success. We are creating a wine brand for tomorrow firmly rooted in the time-honored traditions that have shaped us, the freedom to try new things, and the willingness to honor all that has come before with a new perspective.” – Scott Miller

For Scott, the start of Amlés can be tracked back to a glass of 1969 Gevrey-Chambertin from a dusty bottle found in a friend’s basement in 1979. The flood of awe, inspiration, and curiosity from one glass of wine created the beginning of a lifelong passion. A seed was planted that would grow slow and strong in the decades to come.

In the years since, Scott and Sharon have been lucky enough to build a life full of the romance of hard work and success. Along the way, the power of wine to build instant community around the dining table or to inspire the sharing of passions and ideas has been central to their life. Meals shared alongside remarkable wines have made for some of life’s best moments.

This wine is a very special project that reflects our belief that the past holds the keys to our future. - Scott Miller