Blue slate Riesling

Amles Riesling _Small

Amlés’ Blue Slate Riesling features an original painting by Sharon Virts titled “Sonnenuhr” which was inspired by the Sundial Blue Slate Vineyard in Mosel, Germany.

Blue Slate Riesling

A classic aromatic white wine from the heart of Germany.

“This unique Riesling shows the true soul of the Mosel’s blue-slate vineyards with its purity, vibrant freshness and filigreed minerality.” – Winemaker Ernst Loosen 

An ocean away but born from the same philosophy that credits the soil itself for the character of the fruit, our Riesling wine is made from grapes grown along the steep, blue-slate slopes of the Mosel River in the heart of Germany’s wine country. Winemaker Ernst Loosen is a true visionary; he and his family have made some of the world’s preeminent Riesling for over 200 years. Centuries of nurtured and deeply rooted vines produce a Riesling grape that perfectly reflects the unique climate and soil of the Mosel Valley.

The majority of the fruit comprising our 2020 vintage was picked from the Sundial vineyard that overlooks the pristine waters of the Mosel. Ernst Loosen’s dedication to the art of winemaking, his deep and lifelong understanding of the region, and passion for uncompromising excellence, makes this Riesling a welcomed member of the Amlés family.