The Origin Story


History, tradition, and art all inform the intention and care Amlés brings to winemaking.

To understand Amlés we must begin with a journey back through time and place.

When was the first-time wine really spoke to you? The first time you looked back into the glass with a sense of astonishment and curiosity. What did that moment stir in you?

Amlés Wines is a story of place and time. From the 2000-year-old vineyards of Bordeaux to the vineyards first planted in the Napa Valley in the 1800s, history, tradition, and art all inform the intention and care Amlés brings to winemaking. Along the way, homage is paid to the first vineyards planted in central Virginia just before the Revolutionary War, and to the iconic personalities that have shaped our shared cultural heritage.

Amlés owners Scott Miller and Sharon Virts are avid students of history, and love both wine and art with equal measure. They have assembled a world-class group of artisans to add their imagination, innovation, and experience to Amlés, including celebrated winemakers Philippe Melka, and Maayan Koschitzky who share a passion for capturing the energy of a vineyard at its pinnacle moment.

With intentions to create a culmination of the best both history and art have to offer, winemaking at Amlés is a true blend of the old-style traditions of Europe with the modern techniques and remarkable soils of Napa. Every bottle of Amlés reflects the spirit of each special vintage and was created to celebrate the best moments of life’s journey.

Renowned artist JD Miller adds his signature ability to reflect the vitality of life with finesse and style to the Amlés labels.

Central to Amlés is a firm commitment to supporting arts, healthcare, education, and historical preservation through philanthropy. Every bottle of Amlés will support communities in need in both Virginia and Northern California, two places that have become integral to the Sharon and Scott’s own lives.

Care to join the journey? Sign up for the Amlés allocation list. From time to time, we’ll also share updates about the wines and the places and people they were created to celebrate and to serve.