Portrait blends the old-style traditions of France with the best modern techniques of Napa to make a truly spectacular vintage that is tomorrow’s classic.

Each bottle of our Grand Cru series wines is a one-of-a-kind objet d’art, featuring a notable wine figure from our past, reflected through our modern understanding, using JD Miller’s contemporary techniques and artistry.

Blending the old-style traditions of France with the best modern techniques of Napa to make truly spectacular vintage that is tomorrow’s classic.

 “In order to craft something uniquely special we looked to our past so we might create a wine for the future.” – Winemaker Philippe Melka

Our grand cru wine called Portrait is born from and for experience.

Portrait is a grand cru Cabernet Sauvignon from the finest heritage vineyard sites throughout Napa Valley. Portrait is a wine that could only be made from the rich tapestry and opportunity the vineyards of Napa Valley provide. Portrait harkens back to wine made long ago, and was created to reflect our belief that the past holds the keys to our future.

Made in a traditional Left Bank Bordeaux style that is still uniquely of the Napa Valley, Portrait provides an opulent wine built on a founding of tannins and clean flavors that persist long after you’ve put your glass down. Portrait is the manifestation of our dedication to the symmetry of tradition balanced with modern style.

For the Portrait wine labels, artist Ron Rundo created original, vintage-style paintings of historical figures who still hold significant influence over both history and the story of wine in the new world. The vintage portrait artwork combined with a modern swath of color by artist JD Miller celebrates the revolutionary contributions of the individual in the portrait while acknowledging the fallibility of every hero. The bottle itself reflects a traditional French style in homage to the legendary winery Haut-Brion, where Philippe Melka began his life-long journey of winemaking.

Portrait comes in a beautiful wooden box. Within the contents of the packaging, members will also find a hand-made quill, our nod to Old World writing traditions, and to Sharon’s own work as an author of historical fiction. The act of handwriting with a quill and ink lets you feel the words as they appear on the page. Time seems to halt as the ink spreads across the page. Our hope is to inspire you to take time to capture and reflect on the important moments in your lifetime.