Chapter 5: A well-lived life is an artful journey

What we love about wine is the same for great art.

The best stories are always about the journey to the top of the mountain, not about the summit itself. How we got here is always a better story than where we are.

A well-lived life is an artful journey, built over time as a collection of moments. It is the appreciation for the moments of life that brought another great passion—a love of art.

What we love about wine is the same for great art—both have the ability to capture the imagination and allow for interpretation and exploration. Beautiful art captures a moment in time and can move you to overwhelming joy. Wine is much the same. Both encapsulate a place or idea at an exact time to be appreciated later. While we can always come back to a piece of art to appreciate it, with wine, we must take this beautiful thing and destroy it in order to truly appreciate it. There will never be another moment for this wine. Once we have consumed it, it is now part of our story and how we move through the world.

A project the size of the creation of Amlés is the culmination of lifetimes of experiences, dreams, and appreciations. Scott and Sharon have created a team from the most wonderful group of people who all add their own passions to Amlés.

Winemaker Philippe Melka brings years of experience and passion for capturing the best moment of a vineyard in a bottle to Amlés. Artist JD Miller is adding his signature ability to capture energy and motion with his art to the project. Each bottle of the Portrait series wines will feature an honored figure from our past brought forward with a hand-painted “mask” from JD’s brush. 

Amlés is a wine made without compromise. The intention is that every bottle of Amlés is a journey through the moments that make up a life well-lived. Every bottle is also a call to build community around an appreciation of history, culture, art, and giving back—ensuring that the Amlés journey, and story, continues.

As a Reflectionist, I paint what is reflected from the world around me. - JD Miller